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Be Ambitious

May 04, 2020

Be Ambitious

We all dream and we all have visions of what our life will become. From the times of younger years, through our adolescence, and into our early adult life; we envision our life’s pinnacle. We aspire to be something amazing, something great, something successful. We have these moments where it all comes together and we look far far off into the distance, deep into the stars and space, and we say “that, that is what I am going to be someday.’ We hold these smiles and these heartfelt connections to what it is that we dream so hard of becoming. There is a direct connection between what burns in our chest, and what is lightning to our brains. It is the passion we have, the love we create for our objective, what we wish to attain. This passion is not alone, there is another element that assists with this conjuring of unparalleled energy towards our goal. It is what takes us back to when we were a little boy or girl, and we knew no limits, we had no fear, we didn’t understand failure or hesitation. The only thing we knew was we had this fire in our chest, and we had this feeling in our gut. We had a feeling that would carry from the smile on our face, to the steps of our feet. It would propel us forward, and it would carry us through everything that we would need to accomplish. It would be our lighthouse in times of uncertainty, it would be the reminder in moments of doubt, and it would be the conviction to our process, to our journey. Our AMBITION is what brings this all together, it is the ignition, the start, it is the beginning to our dreams becoming a reality.

 “I am overly ambitious, because I know it can be done.”

Ambition is one of the strongest catalysts for success. It is the particular energy that resides in us and fuels our determination and devotion for accomplishing our goals. Not only is it the blood pumping, beating heart of our intentions, it is also what nips at our heels, it is the spark that triggers our will to act. Action is a necessity to reach our dream, and make it a reality. As without action, we are motionless towards our dreams. Have you truly looked back and traced back to what all of this was started by? Where all those incredible emotions came from. What actually triggered all these connective actions and reactions to fire off? What was it that started it all, what carried you through all the hardship, all the struggles, sacrifices, and the time? What assured you through all the doubts, through all the questions and concerns; what reminded you that what you were doing was right? Your ambition was at the core of your devotion to your dream. It was the ever constant entity that remained in your determination.

Just as we breathe to remain alive, ambition is the breath of life that your dream needs to survive. When you have ambition in one hand, and you have your dreams in the other, you control the ability to mold your life to attain success. Anyone in this world can be ambitions, anyone can have passion. Each one of us has the capability to be something phenomenal. What each one of us needs to understand is that intelligence and talent can only bring you so far. You can be extremely gifted, talented, smart, and have no passion, no ambition. You just have ability, and nothing more. You may be able to have success from this, but, is it a fulfilling success? Is it something you enjoy? Does it give you the sensation of purpose and reason? The harder question here is, would you be satisfied? Would you be happy with the fact that your life was never sought out, you never ventured, you never journeyed far. Could you accept the fact you never left “here.” We are travelers in nature, explorers, and we seek out new heights, new destinations, and we conquer.

Every man or woman that has ever traveled through history, and has made an impact in time, and has left their mark on this world; was driven by ambition. They all had that something that they connected with, that sparked their passion, and they devoted their efforts to achieve their dream; no matter how far fetched or distant it may have been.

“You have to find something. Something that moves you. Something that keeps you looking forward and believing. Ambition is your flow.”

Our purpose in life is to experience it for all it is worth. Success and achievement will be different for each one of us. Not everyone has the same dream, we do not all share the same beginnings, nor will we all share the same endings. There is however a common element that can exist among all of us. That will connect, inspire, and be an example to the next generation. The ambition we have today will not only be the catalyst to our greatness and our success, it will be the road map for a new generation to understand it is possible to have an amazing life. It also proves that we are not entitled to an incredible or phenomenal life. Life is a gift, and what you do with it is on you thereafter. Through being ambitious, you take action, and you make the necessary choices to earn that great life. We earn our way through this life, we create and carve our paths through time. We leave behind these distances that are the irrevocable truth that ambition is what makes the traveled length worth it. “BE AMBITIOUS!”

“A young man without ambition is an old man waiting to be.”

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