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DSDNT Bamboo Deep Cut - Black


Get the most out of your back, chest and shoulder days with our newest DSDNT BAMBOO Tank Top!

  • Over sized armholes for maximum range of motion
  • Unreal Sweat-Wicking Bamboo material to keep you cool and dry
  • Odor repellent
  • Stretchy fabric for best fit
  • Lightweight and breathable

This workout tank for guys is ultra light, breathable, and utilizes high-quality bamboo sweat-wicking material to ensure that you stay cool and comfortable during your workout. Unlike anything you;ve experienced before. It drapes on you like a second skin. Dissident Gym Wear is dedicated to creating the best workout clothes for men that offer style without sacrificing performance. Add this classic deep cut tank to your collection of bodybuilding gear and never feel limited by your workout apparel again. Featuring an upper back DISSIDENT logo, our deep cut tank is here to make a statement from all angles.