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DSDNT Against The Grain - Red Stringer


It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone. GO AGAINST THE GRAIN!

There’s no such thing as having too many men’s gym stringers. This workout tank is going to be your new favorite top. Custom tailored to perfection.

Featuring a simple, yet classic design that allows for free movement no matter what lift you’re perfecting, this men’s top will become your daily go-to gym tank. Dissident’s stringer cut workout tank is uniquely designed and tailored to perfection; your daily reminder that quitting is not an option.

  • Low-cut neckline
  • Thin shoulder straps
  • Ultra light, wicking fabric
  • DSDNT Against The Grain Logo in gray
  • Live on Your Own Terms back logo
  • Oversized armholes for maximum range of motion
  • Sweat-wicking material to keep you cool
  • Stretchy fabric for best fit
  • Lightweight and breathable

This workout tank for guys is ultra light, breathable, and utilizes high-quality sweat-wicking material to ensure that you stay cool and comfortable during your workout. Dissident Gym Wear is dedicated to creating the best workout clothes for men that offer style without sacrificing performance. This stringer tank has armholes big enough that even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could lift in this shirt without feeling restricted. Add this shirt to your collection of bodybuilding gear and never feel limited by your workout apparel again.