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Stop Trying. just Do.

June 18, 2018

Stop Trying. just Do.

Action is important in everything we do. Without it, nothing ever really happens. Those who make things happen realize the importance of action. If you take a good look at the men and women who have excelled themselves in any field you’ll notice that these people have a knack for getting things done-action is their watchword.

Action is what separates dreamers from achievers. While the dreamer is caught up in the world of his dreams and endless fantasies, the achiever rolls up his sleeves and throws himself into the fray, his face marred by dust, sweat and blood and doesn't allow himself the luxury of being distracted from his course of his action.

The achiever knows that dreams alone cannot get him to where he desires to be. He must do something radically different. He must combine his dreams with consistent action because it is only action that is consistent with our dreams that can produce steady results. Small, consistent action will produce significant results.

When you have a dream or a goal, you must do something every day to make your dreams and goals a reality. A river does not become a river overnight-it. Little drops of water can make an ocean in the same way massive waves of water pounding at a rock over an extended period of time will eventually make a hole through it, no matter how long it takes.

Consistent action has the power to unleash our potential beyond our wildest imagination. Sometimes we become so scared that we frequently get caught up in trying to put together the seamless plans that would make us accomplish our goals effortlessly. But there is no such thing as a perfect plan. Waiting for the perfect moment to launch out may just mean that you would have to wait forever. So here is a piece of advice from someone who has learned the hard way - start with whatever you’ve got at your disposal RIGHT NOW. What matters is the effort you put into your work every single day. There’s a caveat though.

Tiresome action without any clear goal in mind will just lead to a dead end. You don’t want to put in that entire work just end up getting frustrated at the end of the day. Bottom line, action has to be focused to produce meaningful results.

Be wise, focus your efforts, complete a task successfully before moving to the next. Remember, your aim here is not to be a workhorse but to yield outcomes that will add value to your life and the world around you.


Be Dissident, be YOU!
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