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Starting 2017 with a BANG!

January 10, 2017

By Perla Gonzalez - Dissident Gym Wear Ambassador


Greetings, everyone! Being a wife, mother of two, (and a dog lol) I sometimes find it difficult to manage school, my kids, my marriage, and the house, but thankfully I do not work. I used to work full time, go train, and quite honestly everything was complete organized chaos. Regardless, being an at home mother can be equally if not even more stressful in my opinion. Amid everything going on around you as a mother and wife, you need to find time for yourself. Whether you are working full time or you are a stay at home mother; you need to be healthy, for your family to be healthy. These are some benefits of a healthy and active mom:

      • Improve your confidence
      • Reduce your stress
      • Release happy chemicals
      • Encourages your children to become active as well!


With this blog, I hope I can reach other mothers and women that are striving on an everyday basis to be the best they can be. Dedicated to practicing a healthy lifestyle and being active for your kids and those around you, but most importantly for yourself. Whether you go to a gym, do yoga, or go to boxing it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a quick workout at home. Even if you do not have any equipment, there are plenty of items you can use around your house, improvise!

Simply doing routines that involve your own body weight will get you sweating, I guarantee it! If maybe one, or two, or three “cheat meals” find their way into your belly, this doesn’t mean your whole week needs to go off path. Make some healthy snacks, try and supplement certain ingredients for healthier ones. Little baby steps like this will help you immensely!!

  • Comingreal soon ...I will be posting simple recipes that you can do for yourself and healthy snacks for the little ones. As well as great substitutions for certain ingredients, and the tricks behind saving some money (my methods) when it comes to grocery shopping.

Don’t get discouraged mommy!

We all have priorities and I am sure that we can agree our children and family come first and usually we leave ourselves last. Some say that those whom are into fitness and a healthy lifestyle, are very selfish self-consumed people. I’ve even been called a bad mother before! But let me tell you something ladies, there are billions of people in this world, you shouldn’t concern or worry about one or a few or a few hundred opinions for that matter!! No one else knows our kids, our marriage, our family, or our homes’ more than us. This world is a beautiful place, and we each have a beautiful life. With this said, with the holidays almost over I’m sure it was very easy to let ourselves get carried away and add a few pounds, I am guilty myself!

Make sure you drink plenty of water:

          • This will assist you in flushing all the toxins out of your body.
          • It will aid with weight loss.
          • Helps with digestion and constipation
          • It even improves your skins’ appearance!

Remember it’s not about quick diets and quick fixes:

          • These do not work and if they do, they will be not only for a short period before you realize that you will gain all the weight, if not more back.
          • Consistency is key! Slow progress is still progress, but slow progress is better than no progress. ;)


Where do I begin?...

2017 is already amongst us, what a perfect time to start fresh, set goals for yourself and make a change this year right?!! These things are being thrown your way and I am sure that you are probably thinking, “How do I get started?” “How will I keep consistent?” I will try my best to explain in detail and motivate/ and or talk to anyone who is willing too and wants to become healthy and active again, not only for yourself, but for your loved ones around you. I amnot an expert on this stuff, I will not tell you to try something I haven’t tried and I am most certainly not a doctor; everything on here is based off my personal experience and those around me. Yes, what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa.

Baby Steps…

I do know though, what it is to be a mother and how hard it is to please everyone and remain happy with yourself and ultimately to find TIME for yourself. I have found a balance in my life that has worked for me, and now my kids are eager to follow as well. I have found confidence within my insecurities, and most importantly I have learned to love my body.  I live by trial and error when it comes to progressing towards a specific goal. With time, I have realized that the more I strived for perfection; I took steps back. I was so hard on myself for every little mistake and would get so consumed with not messing up; I’d lose track of everything else. This is NOT the way your fitness journey/lifestyle should be. Life is about balance! This journey of mine has not been easy; I don’t believe anyone’s is; not to mention a mothers’ journey. It won’t be easy lady’s, mothers and non-mothers …but believe me, it WILL be worth it. Never give up. You will feel like giving up, and you will want to stop, but don’t you dare do it because you will achieve greatness once you break your barrier!

Stay tuned for more updates from Perla as we unfold our newest blog dedicated to busy moms.



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