Redefine. Reiterate. Reinvigorate March 19, 2018 05:00


It is near the end of the first quarter of the year. That went by FAST! Perhaps at the beginning of the year you decided to eat better, do more exercise, do more competitions, get more disciplined, or organize a growing pile of papers.No matter how strong you start off the new year, you may have faced some challenges or even some wins that have altered or boosted your goals.  Various thoughts run through your mind, "Work is overwhelming", "Not enough time", "I don't know how to start." These are thoughts that can hold you back from the overall goals you set… and perfectly normal. We all face circumstances that may challenge us; however, if we redefine, reiterate where we are every so often, we can reinvigorate our reason to press forward!

There is a way to get back and stay on track. Follow these steps to help Redefine, Reiterate, and Reinvigorate your drive to meet your goals.

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1 - Evaluate and Redefine

Any progress is a start… and it is important to re-evaluate your current position. Why? So you can realistically redefine what your goals should be and how you will reach your goals.

2- Set a Firm Date

What date WILL you absolutely reach your goals? Setting a date, entering a race, a competition will offer a firm date for you to gauge your progress and give you a reason to stay focused!

3 - Get Realistic With Your Time

Review your schedule and figure out how much time you  will make to work out each day. If you don't have time for a one-hour workout at one time, do a modified version and get in 20 minutes a couple times a day. Get creative and redefine how you will accomplish your goals. If you can't get to the gym, have a fitness DVD ready in the DVD player, run the dog, do push-ups or jump on the trampoline with the kids!

4 - Reiterate - Remind Yourself and Tell Others About Your Plan

Reinforcing your goals and reiterating your commitment will keep you focused. Reiterate your why and reach your goals! In fact, one of the best ways to stay on track is to have a workout buddy and even a training coach. Sign up to do a triathlon, marathon or competition together with a friend. Someone to walk with, join you in your DVD workout, or someone that you can talk to about your journey including the challenges and the progress you are making.

5 - Throw Out Temptation and Excuses; Reinvigorate your Commitment and Focus!

If sweets and extra carbs are lingering in your fridge, counters, and cabinets because you are saving them for 'the kids'... throw them out!! If you skip a workout because your favorite show is on, set the DVR! If life gets super busy and time become unmanageable, get an app! There are tons of great apps you can add to your smartphone to help you stay on track. Look into a coaching and training program online. (ps Dissident is launching the DSDNT Coaching Program soon!! Be sure you get our newsletter so you can be first to join when we launch! Sign up on our website: There are tons of programs on the internet that can help you stay on top of your fitness and reach of your goals. Clean out all the food and excuses that can hurt your goals.

Sometimes you have bumps in the road, but don't submit to life’s busy schedules, the kid’s junk food plan and definitely do not throw in the towel. Redefine your goals, Reiterate your reason for them and Reinvigorate your determination to succeed and you will reach your goal!

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