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April 22, 2019


I want you to stop and think for a moment, about your life. All the things that comprise it, everything that makes your life as it is right now. The daily routines, the schedules, the characters, the events, the reasons, the purpose, the “this, that and the other thing.’ I want you to focus on all of this, take a moment and seriously consider all that fills your life and all the intricate pieces that complete it. Now, I want you to think of a computer. How it functions, its job, what it does, what it is built and designed for. Like you, the computer does so much, it has many jobs, tasks, executions, and demands. Like you, it has speed, it has memory, it can multitask. It responds to requests, it can accomplish tasks large and small. It is always working, searching, collecting, executing, entering, deleting, saving and creating; just like you. Over time, the system becomes stressed, there is so much data, so much information, so much that is backlogged and the performance of the system, begins to slow. It bogs down and it suffers from the overwhelming data and the need to process. Applications suffer, and eventually the user becomes disgruntled and then it happens; POWER OFF.

I make this point because in most technological cases, when a piece of equipment is not performing optimally, a “restart” is performed. This temporarily powers the unit down, it restarts the computer, things begin to boot up and then updates are performed, applications then begin to open; and we have a fully operating system again. It has essentially been refreshed. This is key to people as well. A lot of times we execute and go through our lives with many demands, purposes and reasons. We can sometimes lose sight of those important aspects to what we are doing and why we are doing it. We can become overwhelmed being at the 10,000ft view all of the time, overseeing everything. What we need sometimes is a restart. This will shut us down briefly, clear out minds, end distractions, complete sessions and close all tasks. We have done something very important here. We have now realigned ourselves and we don’t even know it yet. What we have done now is cleared that 10,000ft view cache, and we are now at ground zero. We have now entered a reboot, and with all things when they are rebooted, they start from the ground up. The beginning, the startup process. We now start back up in stages and have an opportunity to realign our purpose, reconnect with our reason, revamp our direction, and now we can respond as we come back up.

“There is absolutely no need or reason to reinvent the wheel, a wheel is a wheel and will always be a wheel.
Sometimes wheels just need to be realigned is all.”
Life is a common journey that we are all on. Within that journey is many many paths. Each path with purpose and reason. With life, there is always change. With change there is a need for adaptation. This allows us our greatest chance at survival. It is also what can be linked to our greatest chance at feeling fulfilled. Along the paths there are demands and distractions, but more importantly with a changing environment, comes changing minds. Ideals and reasons may change over time, as to why we are on a particular path, or why we need to get off of it. Simply put, life is distance and time, it is effort and energy. We may find that this time and effort may begin to fade, is it the sheer fact that boredom has set in, we have a loss of interest, or is it we were never really committed in the first place and we now stumble and drag our feet? We have two things, drive and determination. Determination is the energy that is devoted to a purpose, and drive is what keeps the energy and path of the purpose on course. These two things combined equal a passion. Our paths completion hinges and relies on our passion. If that is questionable, then it is time to assess what your path is for and where you are going. Paths start and stop, that is true. It is not the fact that you are giving up, no, it is the fact that you are aligning yourself, your dedication, your energy, effort, your love and passion for something that holds purpose and is with reason. Never fear looking at your path and its course, don’t hesitate to question its direction if something doesn’t feel right. Don’t just stay on a path for sake of completion. You choose your path and are responsible for what does or does not happen while on it.

“Sometimes you just have to drop the ball to learn that the world is NOT going to come to an end.”

There are so many things in life that center around makeovers. Make over this, make over that. House makeovers, car makeovers, body, face, wardrobe makeovers. All of those center around one specific thing, perception. It is all about what the viewer perceives. This intern gives, in most cases, a positive response back to that which was made over. It is all external influence. It is the “look at me look at me” hard at work. But it is simply “them” looking “at” you, not in you. When in reality, it needs to be you looking in you. We live in a world of motivation, it is at our fingertips at any time. With the internet, YouTube, access to speakers, and inspiration leaders in abundance. We seem to seek outside validation for who we are and what we do. We as a culture need to revamp from the inside out. We need to develop that greater connection with our own inner flame, that fire that we all have inside, that burn in our gut we get when we are connected to a purpose or a reason. Furthermore, this flame is also the fire that burns in regard to how we feel about ourselves. How we live our life, and how we lead our own life. Seek in yourself for your burn, your ignition, you desire and wants. Seek in yourself, for your own kick in the ass! A revamp isn’t just recharging you and reigniting you, it is an opportunity to say what you want, and then do it. To revamp your plan and your execution.

“Take responsibility for how you choose to respond to anything, in doing this, you align yourself with the dance of life.”

We all respond to stimuli differently, some of us react certain ways to actions, words, situations and direction. A response by definition is “an answer to something, or a reaction.” The reactive state of response can lead not just to an answer but a declaration. It can be a statement of new beginning or firm announcement. This is the type of response that can be found when all of the above in this writing is taken into consideration and then acted on. When we take a moment to restart and refresh ourselves, we have the opportunity to reassess what we are doing and with what purpose. We have an ability to maintain or change our course of direction based off our own reboot and then our start up. We have returned to the initialization sequence of everything in our lives. We have now cleared the bullshit cache, browser histories, and temporary files and can now see clearly as we establish a new beginning and revamp our drive. We can establish new or re-establish current connections with our reasons and wants. All of this now with no lagging and no pending updates. We can determine our continued and/or refreshed passion, or we can embark on a new venture. Regardless, feeling good about ourselves and having a greater sense of determination. We at this point can respond, and it is the best response we can give, as it has come from within.

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