NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE August 12, 2019 05:00

Want to see something done? Tell a human it can’t be done. 
Tell us it’s impossible to walk on the moon, fly through the skies, run a hundred feet under 9.9 seconds or clone s sheep. Dangle the impossible in front of us and consider it done. 

Impossibility is one of the greatest culprits of all time when it comes to robbing people of their dreams, ideas and innovation. It has crushed countless dreams and has delayed some of the biggest innovations of all time. Impossibility is the invisible shroud that has placed a limitation on the ability of man to use the limitless power of his mind.
It’s all to easy to use the word “impossible” when it is going to be tough or when an idea is novel. If you’re not doubting yourself, you’ll be sure to find more than a few people who will point out to you that what you are doing is not possible. Just because it has not been successfully attempted doesn’t make it impossible. It can only be impossible if you accept it to be impossible.

Almost everything man has managed to invent over the past 300 years were considered to be impossible at one point of history or another. Nobody believed that Karl Benz and Henry Ford could creat the indomitable vehicle dynasty they created. The Wright brothers were thought to be insane before they defied the impossible and allowed man to fly without wings. Impossibility can be found in the dictionary of ordinary people, to use the word “impossible” is to rob yourself of your limitless potentials.

Your world will change radically when you block out impossibility from your life and embrace a lifestyle of limitless possibilities. If you only learn to ignore the concept of impossible and live beyond its grasp, you’re your life will take a turn for the better in every aspect.
A mind that is ruled by the notion of impossibility is one that lives under the siege of limitations and under the hold of many restrictions. Impossibility keeps you from dreaming big, it stops you from acting on your dreams and robs you from the kind of life you are capable of having. Convince your mind that impossibility is not real and it will soar with wings. When you hear the word impossible, it is time to rise up and be a beacon of light for others to follow. 

Be part of those who daily defy the impossible, whose life is a rebel against the impossible and who will not shy away from the responsibility that comes with that kind of life.

It is not going to be easy, you will most likely not have a lot of encouragement and you will often find yourself walking alone. It is your choice to live under its hold or to find the freedom of refusing to believe it and find your way to a limitless life.

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