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No Apologies

September 03, 2018

No Apologies

This week's theme was chosen and written by one of our Athletes Troy  "The Monsta" Benn. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @tbenn00000 as he dives deeper into this week's theme "NO APOLOGIES"
How many times in life have we had to justify or make excuses to others, for the way we chose to live our life. Regardless if you are a stay at home mom, making a career change in your life, being single, whatever it may be. This is your life, your story. Don't let anyone else write it and don't apologize for the edits. You don't have to defend it or explain your decisions to anyone. Live it without apologies. 
This theme is how I live my life. From a very young boy, I knew my path was going to be very different than anything my parents had ever experienced. I came from a small town with a small town mind. In 6th grade a speaker stated a fact that “less than 10% of children grow up and live outside of the social circle that their parents live in.” Think of our friends from childhood. How many of them still live near by where they grew up; and live a similar lifestyle they had as children? That wasn’t for me!
My entire life people have told me I’m “making a mistake” or “you’re gonna fail.” The reality is I have failed, many times in life. The big things that I did that were either do or die, I always succeeded. With all my failures and success, I have found my way, and I make no apologies for how I live my life. Many people may not be in agreement with how I do things. How much time I dedicate to fitness. How much money I spend on food and supplements. The fact I don’t go out very often to a bar; or the strict meal plan I follow when going out to eat with people. I don’t care! This is my life, and I make no excuses or apologies for the way I live my life. It’s my choice, whether u like it or not.
My challenge to each one of you, after all these amazing themes from the teams finest... “Don't make excuses for who you are, and don’t apologize for the way YOU choose to live your life.” Your decisions, your actions, your consequences, are yours and yours alone. If you are living a happy, productive, and positive lifestyle; others may try and make you feel bad. They may try and lay a guilt trip on you for not having some of that cake, or having that drink or whatever it might be. Next time someone makes you feel guilty for any positive decision you are making, solely for yourself; ask them to have a protein shake. Do a mile on the treadmill, or come see what they can do in the gym. This team is full of strong willed individuals who take no shit from no one. Empower yourself and remember “NO APOLOGIES.”

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