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June 01, 2020


Not only do we have an extreme aversion to the word “impossible,” we believe that it is one of the biggest delusions of all time. “Impossible” has robbed the world of the best innovations and inventions. Dreams have died because of it – and ideas never saw the light of day.

The word impossible is just a personal opinion about the probability that something will happen or can be done. The fact that the word is common on the streets does not make it valid or established.

A Look Back in History

Most of the inventions you see around you right now were once considered impossible until someone proved them wrong. People thought that horses were the fasted things on Earth, until Henry Ford was able to improve on Karl Benz’s patents and made horses look like jokes. The flight of man was impossible before the Wright brothers came on the scene. Steel bridges were impossible before Andrew Carnegie. And electricity would not power bulbs until Thomas Edison defied the impossible. The truth: Impossibility is overrated, ignore it.

If you can vehemently decide to believe in possibilities, you will find yourself opening your life to a whole new dimension of accomplishments and results. You need to woo your mind and re-engineer the way you think.

As long as you continue to see yourself under that siege of impossibility, you will not be able to see beyond your nose – and you may not be able to defy the odds and show the world what they have been missing. If you can change your mindset, you can change your life.

Have a Positive Mindset

Your life is constantly shaped by what you believe and how strong your belief is. You can change your life right here and right now by making new decisions and seeing life from a particular perspective. Dare to stray beyond the boundaries of possibility. Take a trip in your imagination and see things the world has yet to experience  and bring them to life.

Don’t Settle for Average

Average sucks and normal is boring. If you want to make your mark in society, you need to run very far from the concept of impossibility.

The most phenomenal people who have walked the face of the Earth are those who dared to turn themselves into impossibility specialists. One of the main reasons why you should attempt it is because it is “impossible.”

Final Thoughts

The world will be a better place if you make it your lifestyle to challenge impossibility with the power of excellence and path-finding creativity.

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