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Dissident Spotlight: Paige Jellison

October 25, 2017

Dissident Spotlight: Paige Jellison


What made you first get into fitness?

I remember walking into a fitness club for the first time at the age of 16. I was always into sports and athletics, but when I saw the gym, I felt like I had just found my new favorite spot. Learning about weightlifting and taking my very first aerobics class, opened my eyes to a whole new world. There was one specific fitness instructor who took me under her wing and taught me the ropes. She inspired me and motivated me to dive into the fitness world full steam ahead. I graduated high school when I was 17 and knew what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to help people heal, grow to be the best version of themselves — and love themselves through the awesome world of fitness and exercise. I went on to college to achieve my bachelor’s degree in exercise science. I am now a proud owner of my own fitness club.

What motivates you to show up every day?

I want to inspire others to work hard and achieve goals they want for themselves. I want to always practice what I preach and show people anything is possible with hard work. Making personal goals keeps me showing up everyday. Never surrender and stay persistent is the name of my game!

What are your health and fitness goals for the future?

My goals are to continue to work hard in the gym and keep after my health and fitness! For four years now I have been a vegan athlete. I’d like to show everyone that you can still gain muscle and feel strong with a plant-based lifestyle. My dream for the future is to become a fitness model and model fitness clothing. My goal is to keep pushing toward making that happen.

What is your favorite exercise?

I’d say my favorite exercise is the cable-tricep-push-down. There is nothing like feeling that deep burn in the triceps.


What made you choose Dissident Gym Wear and how do you relate to the DISSIDENT brand's message?

The first time I saw Dissident Gym Wear, it was the sleeveless Tune Out hoodie... I was hooked. It was totally my style and I LOVE the colors. Then I explored further and read the Dissident brand’s message. I felt like they had read my mind and my heart and put all my feelings down into words. Everything the brand stands for relates to what I believe in and strive to portray on a daily basis. Be Strong. Be Fearless. Be a Leader. Be Dissident!

What is your favorite Dissident piece?

That’s hard, because I love them all! I really feel empowered when I wear the ladies’ grey deep-cut tank. So if I have to pick one, that’s the one I pick as my favorite!

What is your proudest fitness achievement?

I was pretty proud when I stepped out on the stage of my first physique bodybuilding competition. I have never been a person to wear sexy clothes and flex — especially in front of an audience. So stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there to be judged was a huge leap in the fitness world. I had a blast!

What is your advice to anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness lifestyle?

My advice is to set goals constantly. Start by taking the first steps into what you want your health and fitness to look like. Write it down. Find a like-minded community that can help motivate, encourage and be with you every step of your journey. Support is huge! We all need people that can help lift us up if we fall down. Once you achieve one goal, make another one. Keep pushing yourself towards being fearless and accomplishing all the goals you set for being the best version of yourself. Anything and everything is possible if you just keep working toward it!

What is your favorite quote?

“Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them!”


Be Dissident, be YOU!
Dissident is dedicated to helping more people say, "I CAN!" through our motivational workout clothes and top of the line fitness apparel for both men and women. When those around you are giving in to the pressure, the DISSIDENT team stands strong. 

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