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Dissident Spotlight: Kieran Collin

November 01, 2017

Dissident Spotlight: Kieran Collin


What made you first get into fitness?

Initially when I first got into the gym and fitness, it was simply about finding a hobby that I enjoyed. As the years went on, it went from being a simple hobby to a passion — a passion to be a better version of myself and be able to help others reach or work toward their goals. I now base my life around fitness with a healthy lifestyle, diet. The same outlook I take into the gym every day, I also use in my everyday life to ensure I can be the best I can at whatever I set my mind to.

What motivates you to show up every day?

The motivation to show up everyday is simple. I am very goal-driven — both in the the gym and in my everyday life. I cannot simply do something without any progression. So my motivation is simple... To progress and become a better version of myself and hope that by doing this I can motivate others to do the same.

What are your health and fitness goals for the future?

For a number of years the hunger to step on a stage and compete in a bodybuilding competition has driven me forward. A very good friend sadly passed away last year and it reminded me how short life is — and if there is something you want to do, you should just do it, as there may never be a tomorrow. This is something I would love to do, but as well as this, I simply want to stay fit and healthy as the years go on.

What is your favorite exercise?

I find barbell squats to be one of my favorite exercises. The all-over body pump and the sheer strength and determination needed to shift the weight is why I love squats so much.  There is no better feeling than racking that bar up and getting underneath it. I find squats a good way of looking at all aspects of life where, "If something pushes you down you simply have to dig deep and stand back up again.”

What made you choose Dissident Gym Wear and how do you relate to the DISSIDENT brand's message?

I love the positive message Dissident Gym Wear gives out and how the team as a whole supports each other, pushes each other to do better — and helps each other have a much more positive outlook in all aspects of life, in or out of the gym.

What is your favorite Dissident piece?

My favorite Dissident piece has to be the Tune Out hoodies. They are very comfortable and look the part. They are ideal to train in and also ideal to wear on a daily basis.

What is your proudest fitness achievement?

My proudest fitness achievement has to be when a person came up to me and said, "Excuse me, but I watch you in the gym all the time and I admire your hard work ethic and determination. I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on diet and training so that someday I might look like you and have the same drive.” The reason this is my proudest moment is because, at that moment, I felt that I had inspired one person to do better by doing something that I love — and if I can make a difference in even one person’s life, then I feel I have made a difference.


What is your advice to anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness lifestyle?

Stick at it and set goals. If you don't have goals you will never progress. Even if the goals are to squat heavier or bench heavier — or simply lose a bit of weight, then at least it’s a goal. Make sure your goals are also realistic. Set small goals rather than large goals, as smaller goals are easier to achieve and it always gives you something to work toward. And lastly, be humble about it. If you need help, don't be scared to get help. If someone gives you advice, always listen, as you never know if that advice might just help you. And lastly enjoy the process and the journey.

What is your favorite quote?

I have a lot of quotes that I really like, however, one of my favorite is actually mentioned earlier in this interview.

"It’s all about how you stand up after you have been knocked down that really defines you as a person."



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