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Better Than Yesterday

June 21, 2020

Better Than Yesterday

We overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can achieve in just a few years. We want everything quick, instant feedback/results/output and if our brain realizes it requires more time and requires continuous effort, we somehow make excuses and quit that thing. Later again when we hear some advice again the same process goes. To be better than yesterday it requires patience to adapt.

A lot of people talk about the importance of being “better than yesterday.” It sounds great, but honestly, what does that look like in the real world? Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t look like overnight success. 

In reality, it looks like small steps forward, every day. Boring, monotonous, plain steps forward. It’s 1% progress made. Your social media captions won’t scream “1% BETTER” but if you’re serious about getting better, that’s how you do it. Because 1% today starts, and then you add 1% tomorrow, and the next day, and next….

1% is a small number. It’s simple to make a 1% positive adjustment each day – but just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. And simple doesn’t guarantee that everyone will do it. Most won’t – because a 1% change requires being present and intentional in your daily actions and having a long term vision. 

It may look as if you are still where you used to be, and you may have this feeling of stagnation, probably because the results are not coming as soon as you expected. You may not be there yet, but we can assure you that you are not where you were yesterday. Your daily commitment to your growth and progress is like taking steps — it doesn't look significant at first, however, if you hang on long enough, you will see how far you have come from where you started from.

To appreciate how far you have come, you need to clearly define your goals and also try to recall where you used to be and what you used to do. You will notice that improvement if you have been committed to becoming better.

Even if your efforts have not yielded tangible results, you need to know that every effort you make helps you to grow, and when you grow, your capacity to handle life gets improved. Be committed to taking these little steps and you will see yourself where you want to be.

Stop comparing yourself with others. Your path to success is different from what others have or have chosen, and you need to know that. You will put yourself under unnecessary pressure if you give up because you see one or two people who seem to be making more progress that you. You are your real competition and the real trophy is a better you.

We admit that it can be frustrating to put in so much and not see anything at a given time. You need to trust in the power of your efforts to break the limits and obtain the results for you. Do not give up because you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. The light is always there, whether you see it or not.

As much as we love to succeed and be happy, we always want to be sure that we pay attention to the process that leads to success. Commit yourself to the process and you will see yourself getting better at it.  

The goal is to keep improving as you go day-to-day until you begin to see results. Anything you are able to move on the first day is not the real deal. If you want greatness, you need to settle down, build momentum, work hard — and push and push until you see things moving. Do not despise the days of preparation simply because you do not see the immediate results. 

Martin Luther King once said, “If you cannot fly, run; if you cannot run, walk; if you cannot walk, crawl; whatever you do, just make sure that you are moving.” You owe yourself your best and you need to continue to give it. Keep piling pressure on your challenges, and one of these days, you will see them give way one by one.

It takes only one blow to shatter a concrete wall, but if you are the one trying to pull down the wall, you may have to give hundreds of blows, if not thousands. If you give up after the first blow, you will never succeed. From the first blow to the last, keep the pace, keep the passion, and keep hitting hard. You are about to strike gold.

This week we encourage you to keep growing and bettering yourselves. To help you with that, here are ten ways you can do it: 

1. Face Your Fears

This is a big one. How many times have you given up on a dream because of fear? Fear may tell you that you have no time or resources. Fear may even cover itself up as care for the needs of those around you. Whatever it is, have enough strength to face it. The only way to conquer your monsters is to call them by their names.

2. Change Your Direction

Are you guilty of doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results? If so, change your direction! The road to success is never easy and straight, and sometimes you may need to do a couple of u-turns before you get on right track.

3. Admit Your Mistakes

Whether you’ve been banging on a closed door or missing an open one, there is no point in convincing yourself that you’ve done everything perfectly. Admit your mistake, learn the lesson and move on. You’ll do better next time.

4. Believe In Yourself

Too many of us rely on external confirmations of our self-worth. To become the best version of yourself, you don’t need anyone telling you that you can. All you will ever need is already within you. Believe that you have the power and tools to achieve your goals.

5. Do The Best You Can

To become better at anything you need to continuously give 100 percent effort. You will not be perfect, you will make a ton of mistakes along the way, BUT, by giving it your best shot, you will get the best possible results.

6. Seek Self Discipline

A well-disciplined life creates abundance, uniqueness and productivity. Continuous self-improvement requires dedication. Stay away from temptations, and anything and anyone who tries to steer you off course.

7. Fight For What’s Right

It is easy to stay in the middle and never fully commit yourself to any extreme end of a matter. Yes, the middle is safe, however, it will never bring you the results that are anything more than mediocre. Decide what you want, and then go for it with full commitment.

8. Live With Intensity

Invest more of yourself into your goals. Live with more vitality, more strength and more heart and soul. You only get to live today’s day once, make sure you get the best out of it.

9. Set Higher Goals

Go for something beyond what you think you can do. Don’t listen to anyone who may say you’re crazy; you have the power to get anything you want in this life. So stop limiting yourself to those safe and easily achievable goals. Aim higher!

10. Reflect

Don’t forget to stop from time to time to see how far you’ve come. It is easy to take the life you have now for granted and forget how much effort was required to get here. Everything you have right now was once nothing more than a dream. Realizing this will help you believe in your strength and ability to make all of your new dreams a reality one day too.


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