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Be Something Phenomenal

October 21, 2019

Be Something Phenomenal

Take a look around at your life. All the things that comprise it. Experiences, memories, events, hardships and successes. You probably have a slide show going in your mind right now. The clicker in hand and snapping through the recollections that now flood the screen. It is an epic masterpiece right now, unfolding before your eyes, while you are on the edge of your seat; captivated and in complete attention. No popcorn to be eaten, no soda to be sipped. Just your eyes fixed on…you! This is your cinematic adventure that you are recalling, bringing to the big screen, and watching this dramatic and adventurous story unfold, again.

Now, imagine the reel breaks, the film splits, and the screen goes white. No more movie, no more excitement, adventures, or moments of awe and silence. You are in an empty theater deep in your mind, with nothing to display. Think about this as if you had never done anything that you recall showing on that screen. No thrills, no risks, no plot thickening, no twists, not one surprise conclusion. All you would have, is an empty theater, collecting dust, seats warn from empty time, and a screen that is faded and stained with absent use. This would be your existence, if you did not do the things you have done in your life. The risks, the challenges, the adventures; the scary shit that had you shaking at times. All of this is a reminder to what we should be doing; not just to have a fulfilling life, but to have a PHENOMENAL one!

“So, don’t be average, don’t be good, don’t be great; be something phenomenal, or be forgotten.”

There is a common practice amongst society that is brought on by what we are taught growing up. We as individuals start off as sponges, and we have no sense of fear or self-preservation. We live for the moment and we thrive to experience everything that our young eyes see, and our young adaptive minds can take in. Often, we are like a balloon ready to pop because we have so much ambition inside that we just can’t contain all of it. However, as we age, and we embrace our lectures and learnings, something happens. We ultimately learn fear and we become careful. We learn about the dangers of the world, the judgements, the scolding’s, the unknown that society frowns upon. We begin to see that this world and many in it, conform, and they eventually do something that cripples our ability to do great things with our lives. We “play it safe.” We begin to be more methodical not with our adventurous endeavors, but with our careful protection of our ideals and traditions. Instead of jumping in and getting in the game, we become more inclined to sit by the sidelines and watch from a distance. We live vicariously through others bold enough to step on the field and risk. We don’t create our own phenomenal life, we become envious of others, and we begin to compare and criticize, and further embellish the stigmata of living a “normal” life.

“We are not born to be normal or average. We are born to become animalistic risk takers, bold and defiant. To be something fucking phenomenal. Where has our ambition gone?”

Phenomenal is by definition, “very remarkable; extraordinary.” Now with that definition in front of you, you need to be aware of this important detail; you must be willing to do what others aren’t willing to do. Meaning, you must be willing to challenge, to defy, to step out of your comfort zone and dare to be different.

There is so much untapped potential that we all have, we are coded to be adaptive and to thrive. As we have learned all this bullshit through life, so we can adapt again, and we can unlearn it too. We have the ability to seek purpose in reason, and instead of simply asking why, ask how! How can I do things different, how can I be phenomenal.

We must abandon the historical dialect and tendencies, and we must create a new mindset that is mapped towards seeking out the things we have always wanted to do. We must become bold in our attempts, and understand that there is risk, that there will be failures, that we will get doubted and questioned. But still hold our vision and our purpose, despite ridicule and opposition. This phenomenal journey will be epic, and it will be the events you cherish deep within your heart always. There is nothing but opportunity awaiting you.

This life is more than what is seen or seems. Take a closer look, this life is an opportunity! It is an opportunity for you do be something more, to be something phenomenal! In order to be something phenomenal, you better be ready to bring a new element to the table, and not be afraid to sit alone at it. Talk is cheap and actions speak. Commit to ensuring that what you do is with passion and from passion. You hear “do what sets your soul a fire.” Instead of letting this world piss on it, pour some gas on it and let it burn! We have this incredible power to overcome so much, why not use that same power to live a life that is nothing less than amazing. You get the type of life you ask for. ASK FOR MORE! Do not be afraid to get selfish with what you want from this life. You want greatness, take it, you want adventure, get it, you want success, grab it. The harsh reality is, if you are not willing to take what you want out if this life and cultivate an existence that is purely phenomenal; life is going to take from you. We all strive to survive here in this world, and society’s excuse is “basic principal.” Well, f*ck principals. Change the reasoning as to how you look at experiencing your life, not what is dictated to you. Alter your mindset and change the behavior from “play it safe” to “grab life by the balls.” “Looking back at my life, I wish I didn’t take all these risks, and strive to do more and be more, and achieve all this. It may have been all a waste, I should have just had a normal life;” SAID NO ONE EVER!

We all have a common question, and that is “why am I here?” Not for nothing, but let’s make that question, a statement. I AM HERE TO BE SOMETHING PHENOMENAL!

Remember the movie in your mind, remember the feeling of excitement and adventure. The raw, captivating, and thrilling story…What part of any of that would you trade, to “play it safe?”

We DO NOT have to experience life the way they told us too.


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