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Welcome To The DISSIDENT Revolution!

August 31, 2015

It's another gorgeous day in sunny San Diego, and we can't wait to share our news with you!

We all have unlimited potential to achieve our most astonishing dreams. At DISSIDENT we believe in the power of dedication, inspiration and hard work. With that idea in mind, we wanted to create a fitness clothing line that captured that spirit. We were looking for designs that were all about inspiring people to empower, motivate and build confidence. We wanted active clothing with a great sense of fashion, as well as with a keen focus on performance. As a result of our quest, DISSIDENT Gym Wear was born.

Our mission is to be an innovative leader in boutique style sports apparel for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. We strive to empower, motivate and promote confidence by creating clothing that looks and feels great. DISSIDENT Gym Wear line embodies qualities we most strongly believe in: nonconformity, confidence, and determination.

Every day we strive to be the absolute best versions of ourselves, both, physically and mentally. Everyone in the DISSIDENT Army believes life should embrace and enhance passion and dedication. Most importantly, we believe in life lived on our own terms. We strive to give back and enrich the community and these efforts are crucial parts that make us DISSIDENT. We've chosen to donate a percentage of every item sold to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. These athletes truly embody DISSIDENT's core beliefs and spirit. They have rejected adversity and decided to forge their own paths. They live life on their terms. Strong, fearless, inspirational leaders, these athletes are true DISSIDENT.

DISSIDENT athletes push themselves to the edge of endurance, and then push themselves much further up into greatness. They know that they can achieve anything they dream of with hard work and dedication, and they believe that their potential has only just begun. The DISSIDENT athlete loves life, and treats obstacles as a learning curve, and set-backs as stepping-stones. They lead others with their strength and dedication, and stand up for what is right in any situation. DISSIDENT athletes are revolutionary and inspiring. DISSIDENT athletes are unbreakable.

DISSIDENT is a state of mind.

Are you DISSIDENT? Our Brand Ambassadors are bold and fearless. They don't accept the status quo and won't silently obey what they're told. They do more than what is expected of them. They push the boundaries and lead the way with determination, inspiration and dedication. They show others the way to greatness. They know that hard work and sheer strength of will makes them stronger, both, physically and mentally. They live life on their terms and live it well. They believe that being DISSIDENT is being YOU.If you want to rep our brand contact us at and tell us a bit about yourself. Be sure to include any social links. We're building the Dissident Army and we want to to be part of it!

We've created a line of tough, high quality fitness apparel that works as hard as you do whether in the gym or out of it. DISSIDENT believes in giving, caring, hard work and motivation to create a revolutionary mind-set that can change the world and the way we live our lives.

Join our newsletter today, and sign-up to be a Brand Ambassador as part of the Dissident Army. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, motivation, and fantastic articles that show you what living as DISSIDENT is all about.

Unique. Unbreakable. DISSIDENT.

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