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Program Overview

Getting shredded in the most simplistic terms is reducing your bodyfat to the point of your desired level of physique definition. The ideal scenario is referred to in the physique world as body recomposition. This is the concept of losing bodyfat while building muscle at the same time, a difficult task to achieve without chemical enhancement. Technically body recomposition can be done; you can lose fat while building muscle but probably not how you’re imagining. The amount of muscle you can actually build while losing fat is a small amount and requires a lot of effort and monitoring. 

Train Like a Dissident is a workout program that’s going to help you shed body fat by being highly metabolic. We will need to maximize fat burning and fat mobilization. It will be a lot of energy expenditure, effort, elevated heart rates, cranking metabolics, glycogen tapping, etc. Now from that description you’re probably imagining some wild and crazy workout; we’re not doing any of that. We have however constructed a program that manipulates the training variables to accomplish all those goals.

One of thing that is important to understand is that dropping body fat is “state” dependent. Your body has to be in a biochemical state that’s shifted toward fat mobilization. Getting your body to shift its state is a team effort you can’t do training alone, you need proper nutrition, the right mix of hormones, proper recovery (sleep), etc. From a training perspective one of the most effective and accessible methodologies for dropping body fat is complex training. 


Complex training involves the performance of what’s known as “big bang exercises” using barbells and/or dumbbells: bench press, bent over rows, shrugs, upright row, push presses, deadlifts, squats, etc. These exercises are effective because they’re highly effective at facilitating the fat burning state you’re looking for in the major categories:

Complex training hits

MUSCULAR SYSTEM : Recruitment of large numbers of muscle fibers

NERVOUS SYSTEM: High demand and stimulation in the neuromuscular system 

HORMONAL SYSTEM: High cortisol output and subsequent anabolic rebound.

METABOLIC SYSTEM: High work output, increased thermoregulation and energy system activation

Note: We do realize that all people are at different levels. There is room in this program for adding things on, which we’ll make recommendations for during the program. At first glance this may seem simple, it’s designed to be that way. A little secret about the fitness industry is that when it comes to the most effective strength training principles they’re pretty basic; flashy exercises or grueling routines are often overkill. 

Another important point to mention is that this is a shred starter program. This lays the foundation to get you to a peak state, basically the begining of June. Unless you have a specific date set in mind you don’t want to peak too early and lose your ability to maintain your shred before the summer even begins. If we get enough of a buzz with this contest we may come back and do an advanced shred program to take you through the summer with more advanced and technical strategies to dial in your physique. 

Hope you are ready to shred with us over the next 12 weeks! We have put together all of the tools necessary to get you where you want to be. It is up to you to remain Dissident and keep focused on goal! 

PHASE 1 TRAINING ( Weeks 1-5 )

PHASE 2 TRAINING ( Weeks 6-10 )