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Phase 2 - Training


Program Methodology

It’s time to cue up phase 2 of the dissident training program. Most of you should be entering the final week of phase 1 training. The program for phase 2 will have some minor tweaks in it ramping you up to move nicely into more of a peak. It’s important to get an overview of how it works so you can be ready to go.

Phase 2 is a much more metabolic type of workout. What we’re focusing on here is hitting lactate thresholds. Lactic acid is a huge signaler in the body that causes many favorable changes in body composition and conditioning levels. Many of the elements of this program are the same, we’ll be detailed but if you don’t see something in particular addressed assume it’s done the same as phase 1.

The workouts in phase 1 were broken down by upper/lower; the split you’ll be doing now will be a push and pull routine. One day you will be performing all of the movements that are pushing or pressing in nature. On the other day you’ll be doing all of the movements that are more pulling in nature. Pushing movements work mostly the chest, shoulders, triceps, and quads. The pulling movements primarily work the back muscles, biceps, glutes, hamstrings and abdominals. It’s important to note that some of the exercise won’t all be pure pushing or pulling movements. Some of them will include both. We will however be sticking to complex movements that can be done with barbells and dumbbells but they will have more bang, velocity and explosion to them. In this phase you’ll be doing triple set circuits; the prior phase consisted of 2 exercises, so we have a step up in this new phase to 3. This will cause a huge spike in metabolism and builds in a cardiovascular high-intensity element into the program to maximize fat burn.

Rest periods are the best parameter to manipulate to really get to that lactic threshold going; for that reason make sure you pay attention to and adhere to the prescribed rest periods (which will be shorter). This program is going to push you, it’s time to think about embracing a level of pain and gassing out you may not be accustomed to in the beginning but that’s the point.




If you look at the program chart it list the exercise designated by letter and number. This program will be done using triple sets; that is, a circuit of three exercises performed back to back to back . Do the first exercise then the second and finally the third exercise, then rest after you complete all three. Refer to the pictures of the exercises in the letter group to get an idea of what they look like and how they’re to be performed.



You’ll notice the repetitions in this phase are done for time. Again remember that repetitions dictate the amount of weight you use on a particular exercise. Since we’re using a time bracket try to find a weight that gets you within that bracket. A stopwatch, phone app or something like the gym boss can help you keep track of time.



You’re going to perform 5 sets of each circuit, pretty straightforward.



The tempos suggested for most of these exercises are moderate you don’t want to go too fast, but because the recovery is limited you don’t want to go too slow either or you’ll gas out.



This is the most important training parameter because we’re trying to spike that lactic acid effect. Embrace some discomfort and when the rest period is over mount up stick to the designated time to ensure maximum effect.