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What Does It Mean To Be Dissident?

To be Dissident by definition is; “to be defiant, he who opposes an authoritarian state.” We at Dissident Gym Wear have taken that negative connotation and we have remastered its description and gave new meaning with a positive declaration. We have created a lifestyle, a core belief, based within our passion of self empowerment. We have established a brand, but it is far more than just that, it is a way of thinking, a way of living; it is what we eat, sleep, and breath.

We live in a world of expectations, social normalities, “cookie cutter” existences. We believe that is not life, it is just a simple means of control and comfort. We believe in breaking down those barriers and exposing these societal illusions. We inspire and we influence others to step outside these basic comfort zones. To look beyond the limitations of social conformity. Also, to look beyond their own limitations. We encourage you to be daring, to be courageous, to take leaps into the unknown, to be challenging, defiant, honest, empowered; and above all, BE  DISSIDENT. BE YOU!

We create badass workout apparel, gym accessories, and exercise wear for real athletes. We saw a gap in the industry when we started our company. Some brands looked great at the gym, but left us feeling restricted, hot, and uncomfortable. Other brands had ample mobility and breath-ability, but looked boxy, boring, and common. We aim to fill that gap by creating sports apparel that is tailored and inspires confidence, empowerment, and style while also keeping performance at the forefront of our design. From body builders to gym novices, anyone who works out in our motivational fitness apparel is strong, fearless, and a leader.