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Are you ready to join the Train Like a Dissident Challenge?

By filling out the entry form below you are taking the first step toward bettering yourself. We promise this challenge will change you. Our aim during the Train Like a Dissident Challenge is to promote fitness and well begin by making positive changes in your life. We have created a motivating, supportive and friendly environment to encourage you to be your best.  This program is aimed at people who want to change their routine and focus on themselves as a personnel challenge. Train Like a Dissident will deliver everything we’ve promised. Stick with the process and you’ll be rewarded with amazing results!

Now fill out the entry form and get ready to be the best version of you!

*To enter and receive credit for your photographs, you must submit one (1) recent “before” frontal photograph holding a paper with the #TRAINLIKEADISSIDENT on it to ensure it's recent, a side shot and back shot, three (3) “after” photographs using the following instructions: front body view, back body view, and side profile view and an essay describing your journey.