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Mind-Muscle Connection

We all know the mind is the most powerful machine in our body. The Train Lie a Dissident Challenge will be testing your mental ability in more ways than one. Below Brandon has laid out a detailed guide to focusing your mind to tune into your workout and achieve the best results from your work. 

Step 1

Before you perform your first set or circuit take a minute to do some deep breathing this will activate and oxygenate all your body systems. Each breath should take about 10 seconds (5 sec inhale & 5 sec exhale) if you need to look at a watch to make sure you have your time and tempo right use it just to get an idea and then put the watch down, you really need to be able to feel for this and not monitor the count. Do this 10 second deep breathing method 5 times in a row.

As you’re doing your breathing, close your eyes and visualize the exercise you’re going to do: see how it’s moving in your mind, imagine being inside the muscle fibers and it looking like a factory of pure work; get your brain to talk to your body, tell it what you want it to do before you actually start, actually flex the muscles you’re going to be using. Now you don’t have to stand in the middle of the training floor like you’re about to start your own personal meditation or yoga class on the spot. This can all be done with your dissident hoodies up and your head down.

After the 5 rounds of deep breathing are over (which should only take about 50 seconds), paired with the visualization, you’re ready to go.

Step 2

As soon as you get in the start position for your exercise, pre-flex the muscles you’re going to be using, stiffen the whole body, take that tension and go through the range of motion, emphasizing a squeeze at the peak of the contraction, with a slow control on the negative. Exhale as you move into the peak contraction, or as you exert force. 

*Repeat step 1 for every new exercise or circuit you begin for the first set only. After the first set everything will be activated and all you need to do is focus on step 2 for every set you do. Rinse and repeat. Music enhances this practice greatly.