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Refuse to Be Average May 14, 2017 19:30

Average (adjective)

 - typical; common; ordinary.

In recent years term average has become somewhat of an insult when applied to a person. No one wants to be called average! Yet a lot of people don’t realize that the lives most of us live every day, the jobs we are holding, the successes we are celebrating are not that special at all. They are just average. Not good, and not bad, just not that unusual. In fact, there is nothing wrong with being average if your dreams lie somewhere between having a decent paying job and someday starting a family.


Find Your Why: What To Do When Your Motivation is Low April 16, 2017 19:00

Where do you get your motivation from? What is that feeling of determination you experience when you are about to start something new? In the beginning of any new adventure, like starting a new training program, for example, sheer excitement is usually motivation in itself. Everything in the beginning is challenging but almost always immediately rewarding. Every day you get a little better and continue mastering movement patterns that usually lead to even more improvements. After a certain period of time, however, things can become stale. Perhaps, you have achieved your original goals, or maybe you have reached somewhat of a plateau. Or maybe the newness has just worn off? The question then becomes, where did all that motivation go? Why did it become so much more difficult to stick to your regime and continue with your fitness program?


Be Resilient. How To Stay Strong in The Face of Adversity. April 03, 2017 09:44

Tough times don´t last. Tough people do.

Whenever we are faced with adversity we naturally tend to become overwhelmed with emotions. What allows us to jump back to our life is something we call resilience. Resilience is common to all people, we are all able to bounce back to some level of normalcy. Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress. Being resilient does not mean we do not feel sad or angry or uncertain. Quite the opposite; being resilient means we can take all these emotions we are experiencing, process them and become stronger and more adapted to whatever the life wants to throw our ways.




Be Dissident, Be You! December 26, 2016 13:12

To be Dissident means to go against the grain, to believe in yourself and not accept the status quo. To go against the odds and come out stronger based on your own merits and hard work. Being Dissident isn't about going against the norm just to be defiant, it is about going against the norm because you know you can do better.





Have A Dream? Work For It! November 27, 2016 21:22

work on your dreams

How many times in your life have you told yourself that you wished you’d started that business, gotten in a better shape, built better relationships? We all want something, whether it is a new job, healthier eating habits or simply a more positive outlook on life. Have you ever considered what may have been stopping you from achieving all these goals? Sure it could be that you are busy or lack perfect genetics, or, perhaps, you feel that you don’t have any support from those around you. Truth is, what separates you from anyone who’s ever made a name for themselves is their decision to actually work for their dreams. Ever heard a saying that it takes 20 years to make an overnight success? Nothing in life worth pursuing comes in easy; and nothing ever comes in fast. When you look at someone whose life inspires you, be sure to also read about those years when they were a hungry no one with an idea in mind that nobody cared about. Read about how many times they had to hear no for an answer, and how many times they had failed before they became “an overnight success.” When you keep telling yourself your dreams are unachievable, all you are really saying is that you don’t want to walk the extra mile or dedicate yourself fully.




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